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As the WROP-system is under further development, we cannot display detailed information at this stage. When it comes available for public, we will announce this on our website.


In a short time we will introduce our new, world´s first full interchangeable and flexible production system.


The New Generation of Artificial Lifting World’s first interchangeable On- & Offshore Production System.


By using innovative artificial lifting methods as the WROP-system we are not only aiming on cutting on maintenance costs, but also increase the efficiency, less downtime and more production both Onshore as Offshore.


Getting the maximum out of your reservoir depends on several factors as depth, pressures, thermal conditions and permeability of the reservoir.  The condition of a reservoir is constantly changing and of course you can slow down or speed-up your present artificial lift system but is not always adequate. To change your present system is costly.


Implementing ALL ARTIFICIAL LIFT SYSTEMS USED IN THE WORLD in one completion system and changing them as you require within a few hours’ time under live well conditions including the change from production into injection v.v.,  within a matter of hours instead of WEEKS.


Even injection and production in one wellbore is possible !


Reduce your CAPEX and OPEX

Use the WROP-System !

Did You Know:

The current ultimate average recovery factor for oilfields, on a worldwide basis, is about 35%. This means that about two-thirds of the oil that has been discovered is left within the reservoir. We have under our feet, in well-known locations, enormous prospects for booking new reserves. Increasing the average ultimate recovery factor from 35% to 45% would bring about 1 trillion barrels of oil................


The WROP-System has been developped not only to cut costs (OPEX and CAPEX) out of conventional production, but also to produce those extra barrels...........

At present Haltin and TU Freiberg jointly are working (study and testing) on the WROP-Skimming Method. 

Within our WROP-System including some new developments in WROP-Tools and Completions - (Production and Injection (Cold & Hot) in one wellbore) a much higher rate of production quantity is possible by means of Skimming the reservoir. 

By means of a Skimming plan, with production and injection at several places in the wellbore, the reservoir can be emptied by another 20 or 25% or even better (See above charts). The first conclusions of the WROP-Skimming method are very positiv.

As soon as the study, and tests are finnalized we will report this on our website.

If you require detailed information on the present status of the project, please contact us at our Dutch office faccilities or send us a request by email.

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The Netherlands

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Email.: info@haltin.nl

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Atthough the WROP-System has been patented and due to further developments of the system, some of the contents on this website are confidential and possibly password activated. If you open the password activated area´s, you agree on an Non Disclosure to third parties of any of the content.


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