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Haltin creates and has patented new cost reducing and effective sustainable solutions regarding the production of hydrocarbons (Oil-Gas-Salt) and green energy such as Geothermal Systems.
Further solutions have been patented regarding the subsidence and Earthquake problematics.



Please note:

We have tried to be as open as we can, but some products and systems are still patent pending and cannot be displayed without a Non Disclosure Agreement with an interrested party.

Haltin Trading & Innovation BV
develops three new main concepts:


The WROP-System is a enormous cost saving concept for all Hydrocarbon production, injection, storage and geothermal aspects (and much more). Pumps, Valves and plugs can be changed-out by Wireline in a very quick response time. Cost reduction in Capex (approx. 20-40%) and Opex (Up to 60% cost reduction)
Further system advantages are the increasing Production rates and producing a Well almost empty (Now max.60%) The WROP-System can be used in Geothermal –Oil –Gas –Condensate -Water -Salt –Uranium and Lithium production wells.




The basic idea was to develop a new Tubing (Hose) system with Multi Annual Cavities for the WROP-System, but can be used as a one piece drilling / production tube without the use of power tongs. Lots of cost savings and further safety advantages can be obtained with this concept, The system can be used in a wide spread of other Industries.




By using injection Domes into a subsurface reservoir, the reservoir can be stabilized from subsidence's and possible earthquakes. All Hydrocarbon and Geothermal wells(Vertical and Horizontal) are suffering from subsidence's and/or Earthquakes. The Dome Concepts and support or strengthen the earth layers into a save environment.




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