The Wireline Retrievable Operating Product-System (WROP-System) is a fully integrated eco-friendly and safe production system regarding the extraction of Oil and Gas from subsurface reservoirs. 

By using innovative Artificial Lifting methods as the WROP-System, Haltin is cutting on maintenance costs, as well as increasing the efficiency, lessening the downtime and increasing production both onshore as offshore.

Implementing all Artificial Lift systems currently on the market in one completion system and changing them under live well circumstances within a matter of hours instead of weeks. Even injection and production in one wellbore is an option!




• Decrease of drilling fluids with chemical and radioactive waste as less wells need to be decommissioned.

• Less CO2-emissions as a result of less (heavy) truck transport, among others.

• Incentive for new production possibilities which will lead to a decrease of negative effects of earthquakes by gas exploration (preventive instead of reactive).

• Nearly complete depletion of the oil reservoir; as a result the total oil reserves will be increased.

• More efficient production which makes it possible to drain the production field in a shorter amount of time.

• Combination of injection and production in a single well, which could limit the total amount of required wells for a field with the benefit of re-injecting the production water into the same well.

• Injection of biodegradable additives and the underground generation of steam, which makes it possible to separate the oil and water for most part in the reservoir; as a result no major infrastructural conveyor network is needed for the supply of steam and the drainage of production water.

• Simple re-use of the well for sustainable geothermal energy.

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