WROP-PPP Calculation Programm

To calculate the input and output of the WROP-PPP Haltin has, together with the RUG-Groningen (NL)  (University) a calculation programm.

Benefits of this program is to pre-calculate the outcome (production rate) against the input (KW/Pressures)

Also the stroke frequency and stroke length can be determinated.

As the WROP-PPP has a downhole driven feature, the frequencies of the strokes can be almost unlimited adjusted and thus the flow of the reservoir pre-determined.

The big advantage is to combine the programm with the best possible Oil-Gas-water ratio.

Main target is to get the oil out against a cost effecient method.


A sample of the programm execution has been shown below.

(Please note, there are lots of variations, the shown outcome is just a sample)



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