Wireline Retrievable Piston Plunger Pump


The WROP-PPP is a Wireline Retrievable downhole driven Plunger Pump. (No Sucker-rods required)

The pump can be installed and retrieved under Life Well conditions.

The strokes of the Plunger Pump can be adjusted on surface to the best Reservoir flow practices.


Haltin has been workshop testing a WROP-PPP for the 3 1/2" Tubing

The test results were very satisfactionary.

  • Testing of the Wireline Retrievability,
  • Production Testing downhole simulation and
  • Variable input features.

The outcome of our tests have lead the system into a further inprovement of the system.


In cooperation with a WROP-Partner Company, further surface tests are scheduled during 2022, including a Life Well Test in a excisting Well in Germany. (3 1/2" Tubing and 7" Casing - Installation depth 820 m)


The RUG (University of Groningen-NL) has contributed in a full HALTIN-PPP computer programm whereas all settings, pressures-flow and thus the production results can be pre-tested and controlled.


Please consult Haltin for more information

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