Wireline Retrievable Piston Plunger Pump


The WROP-PPP is a downhole driven Plunger Pump.


The strokes of the Plunger Pump can be adjusted on surface to the best Reservoir flow practice


Haltin has been workshop testing a WROP-PPP for the 3 1/2" Tubing

The test results were very satisfactionary.
Testing of the Wireline Retrievability, Production Testing downhole simulation and variable input features.

The outcome of our tests have lead the system into a further inprovement of the system.

Further surface tests are scheduled during 2021 and a Life Well Test in a excisting Well in Germany (3 1/2" Tubing and 7" casing - Installation depth 820 m)


The RUG (University of Groningen-NL) has contributed in a full HALTIN-PPP computer programm whereas all settings, pressures-flow and thus the production results can be pre-tested and controlled.


Please consult Haltin for more information

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